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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of neuroanatomical differences in mice with genetically modified serotonin transporters assessed by structural magnetic resonance imaging

Fig. 2

Heatmap showing the effect size differences in 159 different regions throughout the brain for the Slc6a4 KO group and the full Slc6a4 Ala56 KI group regardless of background. The effect size is calculated as the difference in means divided by the standard deviation of the WT group (Effect Size = (μMUT − μWT)/σWT); it is measured in units of standard deviation. The heatmap is organized from the anterior of the brain at the top to the posterior at the bottom. Any region in blue is smaller in the mutant versus wild-type and any in red are larger. The asterisk indicates significance at a q < 0.05, The dot indicates a trend at p < 0.05. Slc6a4 KO (N = 39, 19 WT (9M, 10F), 20 KO (10M, 10F); Slc6a4 Ala56 KI (B6) (N = 40, 20 WT (10M, 10F), 20 KI (10M, 10F); Slc6a4 Ala 56 KI (129) (N = 42, 21 WT (11M, 10F), 21 KI (11M, 10F)

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