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Fig. 6

From: Significant transcriptional changes in 15q duplication but not Angelman syndrome deletion stem cell-derived neurons

Fig. 6

Validation of neuronal differentiation markers in idic15 neurons. Quantitative Western blots were run using total protein extracted from DPSC and DPSC-neuron cultures. a The western blots were probed with antibodies against the neuronal markers MAP2, GABAA, and NLGN1 as well as for UBE3A protein levels (green) and normalized to levels of GAPDH loading control (red). b Quantification of Western blots. For all antibodies, no significant difference was seen between control neurons and Idic15 DPSC-neurons indicating that both groups differentiate to neurons with similar efficiency. In addition, both MAP2 and GABAA were only detected in differentiated DPSC-neurons. UBE3A was detected in all lanes but appears to be expressed at higher levels in idic15 vs control DPSC-neurons, although these levels did not reach significance. Significance was determined by unpaired t tests between DPSC and DPSC-neurons as well as across genotypes for a given cell type (N = 3)

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