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Fig. 5

From: Significant transcriptional changes in 15q duplication but not Angelman syndrome deletion stem cell-derived neurons

Fig. 5

Downregulation of FOXO1 regulated transcripts EPHB2 and RORA. a Using a list of putative FOXO1 regulated genes from TRANSFAC, we looked for a set of genes known to be associated with ASD. While FOXP2, EN2, and ERG were not significantly downregulated by decreased FOXO1 levels in an independent cohort of idic15 DPSC neurons, we found a significant decrease in four transcripts including EPHB2 and RORA (as indicated by an increase in the average delta cross point values). Experiments were performed on six idic15 and six neurotypical controls using three technical replicates. Significance was determined using Student’s t test. b Quantitative Western blot analysis indicates a significant decrease in RORA protein levels (green) in idic15 samples vs controls. Experiments was performed three times on six samples per group. Significance was determined using an unpaired Student’s t test across all data points for control vs idic15 for normalized RORA levels (normalized to GAPDH in red)

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