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Table 1 Outline of experiments

From: Developmental disruption of amygdala transcriptome and socioemotional behavior in rats exposed to valproic acid prenatally

Age Measure Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Subjects
P1–6 Maternal behavior   X   Dams
P7, 11 Ultrasonic vocalizations   X   Males, females
P9 Maternal approach X    Males, females
P8–10 Fear conditioning    X Males, females
P13–18 Odor-potentiated startle   X   Males
P14 Eye opening X    Males, females
P32–35 Open field, social interaction X    Males, females
P36 Startle X    Males, females
Genomic analysis
P10 RNA seq X    Males
P21 RNA seq, proteomics X    Males