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Table 1 Differentially expressed miRNAs, which are associated with psychiatric disorders [13], between VPA- and saline-exposed embryos in the whole brain

From: Prenatal exposure to valproic acid increases miR-132 levels in the mouse embryonic brain

Name log2 Ratio (VPA/Sal) FDR
mmu-miR-15a-5p 1.76 1.86E–05
mmu-miR-15b-5p −3.20 2.41E–41
mmu-miR-16-2-3p −1.85 7.20E–163
mmu-miR-23b-5p −1.30 2.75E–04
mmu-miR-24-3p −1.29 6.11E–134
mmu-miR-30e-5p 2.55 Nearly zero
mmu-miR-34a-3p 9.68 9.53E–04
mmu-miR-92b-5p −1.12 Nearly zero
mmu-miR-93-3p 1.34 4.00E–134
mmu-miR-96-5p 4.94 1.17E–170
mmu-miR-132-5p 1.31 3.50E–06
mmu-miR-146a-5p 1.95 2.18E–63
mmu-miR-146b-3p −1.26 Nearly zero
mmu-miR-152-3p 1.45 Nearly zero
mmu-miR-181c-5p −1.05 8.13E–08
mmu-miR-219a-2-3p 1.02 1.53E–276
mmu-miR-346-3p −1.31 4.94E–12
mmu-miR-363-5p −2.09 2.88E–29
mmu-miR-455-5p −2.72 3.06E–238
mmu-miR-494-3p 1.04 6.20E–55
  1. Pregnant mice were treated with VPA (500 mg/kg, i.p.) or saline on gestation days 12.5. At 12 h after the drug exposure, the whole brains were immediately removed from male embryos, total RNA was extracted, and then miRNA expression was analyzed by RNA sequencing (n = 3 from two VPA- and two saline-treated dams)