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Table 3 Significant clinical correlations with EEG findings for FXS patients

From: Neural synchronization deficits linked to cortical hyper-excitability and auditory hypersensitivity in fragile X syndrome

EEG measure Clinical scale
  Sensory profile—auditory SCQ total score Deviation score: nonverbal IQ
ITC chirp NS −.74* NS
STP gamma .61* .84** NS
Pre-stimulus theta/gamma amp-amp coupling NS .74* NS
Pre-stimulus theta/gamma phase amplitude coupling—vector length NS NS .58*
  1. EEG measures with no significant correlations to clinical variables are not included. All correlations are Spearman’s rho. All correlations represent the FXS group only. NS Not significant
  2. *p < .05
  3. **p < .01