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Fig. 3 | Molecular Autism

Fig. 3

From: Transcriptome analysis of microglia in a mouse model of Rett syndrome: differential expression of genes associated with microglia/macrophage activation and cellular stress

Fig. 3

Validation of selected DEGs by qPCR. Samples were analyzed in duplicate using the 2−∆∆Ct method as described in the Methods section. Significant differences between WT and Het are denoted by an asterisk (*). p values were derived by Student’s t test. The values are as follows: 5-week CD11b-positive fraction (microglia); Hspa8, 0.01; Hspa1a, 0.02; Hspa1b, 0.005; Hsph1, 0.08; Dnaja1, 0.2; Mecp2, 0.03, CD180, 0.03: 5-week CD11b-negative fraction; Hspa8, 0.03; Hspa1a, 0.2; Hspa1b, 0.01; Hsph1, 0.9; Dnaja1, 0.9; Mecp2, 0.01, CD180, 0.006: 24-week CD11b-positive fraction: Hspa8, 0.09; Hspa1a, 0.5; Hspa1b, 0.1; Hsph1, 0.4; Dnaja1, 0.09; Mecp2, 0.0001, CD180, 0.2: 24-week CD11b negative fraction; Hspa8, 0.1; Hspa1a, 0.9; Hspa1b, not done; Hsph1, 0.1; Dnaja1, 0.7; Mecp2, 0.1; CD180, 0.3

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