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Table 1 Sample characteristics including the number of toddlers (relative number of females), the term in weeks, ADOS and ADI scores, age at diagnosis, and number of HC samples available from the individual patient records

From: No evidence of early head circumference enlargements in children later diagnosed with autism in Israel

  Autism Control
Number of toddlers (females) 66 (6) 66 (6)
Term in weeks (range) 39.1 (36–42) 39.5 (36.2–41.5)
ADOS total (range) 16.1 (7–26)  
ADOS severity score (range) 7 (4–10)  
ADI-R (range) 18 (7–26)  
Age at diagnosis (range) 3 (1–5.3) years  
Number of HC samples 8.3 (4–12) 8.4 (4–12)
  1. Range of the sample is in parentheses