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Table 2 Percent meeting cut-offs on the ADOS and ADI-R

From: Parent-reported and clinician-observed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): implications for practice under DSM-5

  (n = 48)a (n = 164)a
ADOS cut-off 21 85
ADI-R (social, communication, RRB, and age of onset) cut-offs 30 67
 Social cut-off 57 82
 Communication cut-off 61 87
 RRB cut-off 67 88
 Age of onset cut-off 80 88
ADI-R CPEA ASD criteriaa 67 84
Combining measures   
 ADOS and ADI-R (social, communication, RRB, and age of onset) 11 60
 ADOS and ADI-R CPEA ASD criteriaa 15 75
  1. ADHD attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ASD autism spectrum disorder, df degrees of freedom, RRB restricted repetitive behaviors on ADI-R
  2. aCPEA criteria was determined based on Lainhart et al. [53]; Two children with ADHD and eight children with ASD were missing ADI-R data