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Table 1 AIC study measures

From: The autism inpatient collection: methods and preliminary sample description

Measure Domain/construct Format
ADOS-2 Diagnostic confirmation; repetitive behaviors and social communication Structured assessment
Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) Diagnostic screen; repetitive behaviors and social communication Parent report
Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC) Challenging behaviors Parent report
Repetitive Behavior Scale Revised (RBS-R) – Self-Injury Subscale Self-injurious behavior Parent report
Functional Assessment Screening Tool (FAST) Behavioral function for self-injurious behavior Parent and observer report
Vineland-2 Adaptive functioning and communication Parent report
Difficult Behavior Self-Efficacy Scale (DBSES) Self-efficacy Parent report
Leiter 3 Cognitive ability Structured assessment
Child and Adolescent Symptom Inventory (CASI-5) Psychiatric symptoms and disorder cutoffs Parent report
Parent Stress Index Parenting stress Parent report
Emotion Dysregulation Inventory (EDI) Emotional distress and problems with emotion regulation Parent report