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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of GNO participants with and without ASD and parents of girls with ASD

From: Examining social competence, self-perception, quality of life, and internalizing and externalizing symptoms in adolescent females with and without autism spectrum disorder: a quantitative design including between-groups and correlational analyses

Participant type N Mean age (SD) % White
ASD 23 16.04 (1.72) 91 %
No ASD 29 16.75 (1.14) 97 %
Parents—ASD 23 n/a n/a
  1. Note: n size indicates maximum possible number that could have completed ratings. In many cases, the available n for selected analyses is smaller. Specific n sizes for analyses noted in text or separate tables. Age range of participants is 14–19. “% White” indicates the percentage of participants and parents who identified as white on demographic surveys completed as part of a larger program. All but two participants with ASD and one peer (no ASD) were of White descent. The two remaining participants were of Asian and Middle Eastern descent, and one peer was Hispanic