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Fig. 5

From: Hypomethylation of miR-142 promoter and upregulation of microRNAs that target the oxytocin receptor gene in the autism prefrontal cortex

Fig. 5

miR-21-5p expression correlates with less OXTR protein translation from mRNA in the brain. a Western blot analysis of OXTR in the human brain samples. Hsc70 is the endogenous control. b Quantitative analysis of relative OXTR protein levels in control and autism groups. OXTR levels were normalized to Hsc70, and data is presented as relative quantity. p = 0.089 two-tailed t test. c, d Spearman’s correlation coefficient and respective p value between miR-21-5p (c) and miR-451a (d) expression and the OXTR protein/mRNA ratio in each individual. a.u. signifies arbitrary units. There is a significant negative correlation between miR-21-5p expression and OXTR protein/mRNA ratio in human brain samples

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