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Fig. 2

From: Hypomethylation of miR-142 promoter and upregulation of microRNAs that target the oxytocin receptor gene in the autism prefrontal cortex

Fig. 2

Promoter of miR-142 is hypomethylated in autism brain. a Scheme of nucleotide sequence directly surrounding the transcription start site (TSS) of miR-142. Three CG dinucleotides found directly upstream of TSS are highlighted in red. b DNA methylation microarray analysis of miR-142 gene, showing five CpGs that are significantly hypomethylated. c Pyrosequencing analysis of the three CpGs directly upstream of the TSS of miR-142. *p value <0.05, **p value <0.01. One-tailed t test. df Spearman’s correlation coefficient, including p value between miR-142-5p gene expression and DNA methylation. Each graph represents a correlation between miR-142-5p and a separate CpG site that was analyzed by pyrosequencing

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