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Fig. 5

From: Atypical miRNA expression in temporal cortex associated with dysregulation of immune, cell cycle, and other pathways in autism spectrum disorders

Fig. 5

Functional similarities to other studies looking at ASD-related genes. Overlap of KEGG pathways identified through analysis of mRNA targets of brain miRNA in ASD and control brain from the STS and PAC combined analysis with previously published and compiled gene lists associated with ASD in (a) studies with transcriptional measurements of ASD brain (Garbett et al. [33] and Voineagu et al. [4]) and (b) sets of genes associated with ASD (Pinto et al. [34] and Abrahams et al. (SFARI) [35]). Numbers indicate KEGG pathways significantly over-represented by mRNA in the respective data set. The 44 KEGG pathways overlapping between this study, SFARI, and Pinto et al. appear in Additional file 1: Table S4

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