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Fig. 2

From: Atypical miRNA expression in temporal cortex associated with dysregulation of immune, cell cycle, and other pathways in autism spectrum disorders

Fig. 2

Relative expression of sncRNA in STS and PAC of ASD and CTRL subjects. Heat maps showing hierarchical clustering of dysregulated small non-coding RNAs on the X axis for ASD and control (CTRL) subjects on the Y axis for the superior temporal sulcus (STS) (upper panel) and the primary auditory cortex (PAC) (lower panel). Note that the ASD and CTRL subjects cluster together in both the PAC and STS. Bright red color indicates a relative twofold increase in expression for the particular sncRNA, and a bright green color indicates a relative twofold decrease in expression across ASD and control subjects (see bar at bottom of lower panel)

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