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Figure 5

From: The association of GPR85 with PSD-95-neuroligin complex and autism spectrum disorder: a molecular analysis

Figure 5

Co-localization of the wild-type and mutated GPR85 and PSD-95. Co-localization of wild-type GPR85, GPR85-deltaC, GPR85(M152T) or GPR85(V221L), and PSD-95 was examined in C2C5 cells at 28 h after transfection. Red, FLAG-Full-length GPR85 (wild-type, deltaC, or mutants); green, PSD-95-GFP; some of the GPR85-deltaC, GPR85(M152T), GPR85(V221L) did not co-localize with PSD-95. Area enclosed by broken lines, aggregates of GPR85; closed arrowheads, GPR85 of co-localized with PSD-95; open arrowheads, GPR85 or PSD-95 not colocalized with PSD-95 or GPR85, respectively. Scale bar, 20 μm. PSD, postsynaptic density protein.

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