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Figure 1

From: The association of GPR85 with PSD-95-neuroligin complex and autism spectrum disorder: a molecular analysis

Figure 1

Pull-down and immunoblot analysis for the proteins associating with GPR85-C. (a) GPR85-C-associating proteins in the mouse brain. The extracts from the mouse brains were subjected to the pull-down assay using GST-GPR85-C and immunoblot analysis. GPR85-C band with PSD-95, SAP102, and NLGN, but not with Mupp1 in the extracts from mouse brain. (b) The interaction between GPR85-C and PSD-95 or SAP102. The extracts from COS cells transfected with GFP-PSD-95, GFP-SAP102, and GFP-Mupp-1 were subjected to the pull-down assay using GST-GPR85-C. GPR85-C interacted with GFP-PSD-95 and weakly interacted with GFP-SAP102, but not with Mupp1. GST, glutathione S-transferase; PSD, postsynaptic density protein.

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