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Table 3 Results of SNP association analyses in our sample and in the PGC database

From: Genetic variant rs17225178 in the ARNT2 gene is associated with Asperger Syndrome

SNP ID MAF (cases) MAF (controls) SNP association analysis in our sample SNP association analysis in the PGC database
OR X 2 P value OR SE P value
rs3848173 0.2288 0.1667 1.484 4.768 0.029    
rs17225178 0.1966 0.1173 1.842 9.773 0.001771 1.115 0.0433 0.0121
  1. Nominally significant P values after genetic association analysis between 34 SNPs in ARNT2 and AS in our sample are reported (α = 0.05). Significant P value after Bonferroni correction for total number of SNPs is written in bold and italicized (α = 0.0024). Major allele is the reference allele for the estimated OR. Results of genetic association analysis between rs17225178 and ASC in the PGC database are also reported. AS, Asperger Syndrome; ASC, Autism Spectrum Conditions; MAF, minor allele frequency; OR, odds ratio; PGC, Psychiatric Genomics Consortium; SE, standard error for the odds ratio; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.