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Figure 1

From: Reduced isolation-induced pup ultrasonic communication in mouse pups lacking brain serotonin

Figure 1

Isolation-induced ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) in Tph2 -/- mouse pups emitted at postnatal days (PND) 3, 6, and 9. (A) Total number (n), (B) average call duration in milliseconds (ms), (C) average call peak frequency in kilohertz (kHz), and (D) average call peak amplitude in decibel (dB) of isolation-induced USV emitted during the 10-min isolation from mother and littermates. Black circles: Tph2 wildtype (Tph2 +/+) control mice; grey circles: Tph2 heterozygous (Tph2 +/-) mice; white circles: Tph2 null mutant (Tph2 -/-) mice. Data are presented as means ± standard errors of the mean. *P < .050 Tph2 +/+ vs. Tph2 -/-.

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