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Table 1 Examples of differences between the adult sensory profile (ASP), the sensory over-responsivity scale (SensOR) and the sensory perception quotient (SPQ)

From: The Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ): development and validation of a new sensory questionnaire for adults with and without autism

SPQ Item ASP item SensOR item Difference
I would be able to tell when an elevator/lift started moving. I avoid escalators and/or elevators because I dislike the movement. These aspects related to movement bother me - going up or down escalators SPQ items aim to measure basic perception (for example, detection).
AASP and SensOR items also include behavioural and affective responses towards sensations.
If I look at a pile of blue sweaters in a shop that are meant to be identical, I would be able to see differences between them. I like to go to places that have bright lights and that are colourful. These visual sensations bother me: - brightly coloured or patterned materials (for example, clothes, drapes, wallpaper)