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Table 4 Likelihood ratio tests used to compare model fit between H 0 and H 1 models

From: Uncovering steroidopathy in women with autism: a latent class analysis

H0Model H1Model Δ G 2 df P value Null hypothesis (H0)
Semiconstrained Unconstrained 20.309 22 0.0625 Latent class characteristics equal between groups
Semiconstrained Semiconstrained, PCOS posterior probability variable 6.673 2 0.0178 Constraining the PCOS parameter does not affect model fit
Fully constrained, PCOS posterior probability variable Semiconstrained, PCOS posterior probability variable 13.349 1 0.0001 Latent class prevalences equal between groups
  1. P value in bold indicates significance P < 0.05). df, degrees of freedom; PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome.