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Table 2 Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) algorithm items sorted by number

From: Behavioral signatures related to genetic disorders in autism

Item number Item description ADI-R domain
31 Use of other’s body to communicate I
33 Stereotyped utterances and delayed echolalia III
34 Social verbalization/chat II
35 Reciprocal conversation II
36 Inappropriate questions or statements II
37 Pronominal reversal II
38 Neologisms/idiosyncratic language II
39 Verbal rituals III
42 Pointing to express interest II
43 Nodding II
44 Head shaking II
45 Conventional/instrumental gestures II
47 Spontaneous imitation of actions II
48 Imaginative play II
49 Imaginative play with peers I
50 Direct gaze I
51 Social smiling I
52 Showing and directing attention I
53 Offering to share I
54 Seeking to share enjoyment with others I
55 Offering comfort I
56 Quality of social overtures I
57 Range of facial expressions used to communicate I
58 Inappropriate facial expressions I
59 Appropriateness of social responses I
61 Imitative social play II
62 Interest in children I
63 Response to approaches of other children I
64 Group play with peers (age <10.0 years) I
65 Friendships (age >10.0 years) I
67 Unusual preoccupations III
68 Circumscribed interests III
69 Repetitive use of objects or interest in parts of objects III
70 Compulsions/rituals III
71 Unusual sensory interests (highest score of 69/71) III
77 Hand and finger mannerisms (highest score of 77/78) III
78 Other complex mannerisms or stereotyped body movements III
  1. ADI-R, Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised.