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Figure 4

From: Transcriptomic analysis of genetically defined autism candidate genes reveals common mechanisms of action

Figure 4

Multiple causal reasoning engine (CRE)-predicted hypotheses collapse into a molecular interaction network. The edges of the connections represent the information linking the nodes, for example, a PubMed reference for the interaction. The hypotheses are colored based on the direction of regulation: blue nodes are predicted down, whereas yellow are predicted up. Circled regions indicate significant hypotheses seen in different short-hairpin (sh)RNA experiments: red - Myocyte enhancer factor (Mef)2d, Methyl-CpG binding protein (Mecp)-2, Neuroligin (Nlgn1); blue - Mef2a, Mef2d, Mecp2; green - Mef2a Mef2d, Mecp2, Ngln1; light blue - Mecp2, Mef2a, Mef2d, Nlgn1, Nlgn3, SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains (Shank)3; black - Mecp2, Mef2a, Mef2d, Nlgn1, Nlgn3, Shank3, Fragile X mental retardation (Fmr)1 (IL2-hypothesis).

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