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Table 2 The number who replied and the number who showed Grapheme-Colour (GC), Sound-Colour (SC), or other variants of synaesthesia, or no synaesthesia

From: Is synaesthesia more common in autism?

  n Number with GC but no SC synaesthesia Number with SC but no GC synaesthesia Number with GC and SC synaesthesia Number with other variants (not GC or SC) Number (and %) reporting any type of synaesthesia Number categorized as non-synaesthetes
Autism 164 5 8 13 5 31 (18.9%)* 133*
Typical 97 2 2 1 2 7 (7.22%) 90
  1. (*P<0.05). Statistical analyses were completed only for number and percent of participants reporting synesthesia.