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Table 1 Item composition of the short pragmatic composite score

From: Common variation contributes to the genetic architecture of social communication traits

1 Tends to talk about subjects that are off topic Conversation with child tends to go off in unexpected directions
2 Does not have the idea of the need to take turns in conversation Child talks too much
3 Changes subject indiscriminately Child will suddenly change topic of conversation
4 Does not introduce subjects and topics appropriately Child uses terms like he or it without making it clear what talking about
5 Has difficult expressing ideas coherently in a sentence Sometimes hard to make sense of what child says as it seems illogical/disconnected
6 Has difficulty understanding whole sentences (that is, instructions, directions, general conversation) Child takes in just one or two words in a sentence so often misinterprets what was said
  1. a – Selected from a 10-item broader autism questionnaire [35] in RAINE.
  2. b – Selected from 38 items representing the pragmatic composite summary scale of the Children’s Communication Checklist [33].