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Table 1 Antisense RNAs to ASD-related genes expressed in the human brain

From: Expression of non-protein-coding antisense RNAs in genomic regions related to autism spectrum disorders

Sense gene name Antisense gene coordinates Antisense AceView name Antisense type
FOXP1 3:71630795–71678203,1 chyrarbu exonic; promoter
ZNF81 X:47765952–47764918,-1 zoyfoy intronic
SYNGAP1 6:33422342–33405140,-1 kleefloybu exonic; promoter
CACNA1C 12:2781443–2777666,-1 kirare exonic
NIPBL 5:36876787–36864527,-1 LOC646719 promoter
VPS13B 8:100026175–100008986,-1 speeshor promoter
NHS X:17755214–17658171,-1 kiro exonic
DHCR7 11:71159652–71163207,1 steymor intronic; promoter
LAMP2 X:119572593–119576511,1 werkoy exonic
PTEN 10:89631419–89630176,-1 kloloy intronic
FOXG1 14:29234525–29194448,-1 sachawbu promoter
PQBP1 X:48758712–48758117,-1 foyker exonic; promoter