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Figure 3

From: MeCP2 modulates gene expression pathways in astrocytes

Figure 3

MeCP2 binding is enriched in different regions of modulated genes. (A) Venn diagram comparing the top 10% of MeCP2-bound TSS with genes (large circle) having the highest significance in differential expression (P < 0.005, fold change > 1.2) in MeCP2-deficient astrocytes (small circle). (B) Top 10% of MeCP2-bound gene bodies compared to the MeCP2-responsive transcripts. (C) Top 10% of MeCP2-bound TES compared to MeCP2-responsive transcripts. Zmiz is the only gene transcript to have high levels of MeCP2 binding in more than one region. MeCP2, methyl-CpG-binding protein 2; TES, transcriptional end sites; TTS, transcriptional start sites.

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