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Table 2 Sample story with ASD episode

From: Episodic memory retrieval for story characters in high-functioning autism

ASD episode
Yohei has just graduated with a degree in archeology.
As a graduation gift, his uncle sent him on an expedition to the Yucatan in Mexico.
While there, Yohei went into the jungle to examine the ancient Mayan pyramids.
In front of the pyramids, he noticed a rock that looked strangely like a ‘daruma’ (roly-poly papier-mache doll).
Although his uncle said to him, ‘why don’t you examine pyramids?’ he was immersed in the rock in front of him and was taking pictures of it with absorbed interest.
Congruent with ASD episode Incongruent with ASD episode
Yohei concentrates too much on parts of things rather than seeing the whole picture. Yohei concentrates too much on the whole picture rather than seeing parts of things.