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Table 3 Language and motor age equivalence scores

From: Prospective investigation of autism and genotype-phenotype correlations in 22q13 deletion syndrome and SHANK3 deficiency

  N Age equivalence months (mean ± SD)
Language measures   
Receptive language   
  Mullen receptive language 27 11.63±6.25
  Vineland receptive language 28 12.40±8.07
Expressive language   
  Mullen expressive language 27 7.52±4.72
  Vineland expressive language 29 9.95±5.98
Motor ability measures   
Fine motor skills   
  Mullen fine motor skills 27 14.89±6.07
  Vineland fine motor skills 29 19.62±9.48
Gross motor skills   
  Mullen gross motor skills 19 17.95±8.52
  Vineland gross motor skills 29 21.03±9.02