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Table 4 Hypergeometric distribution analysis results to determine enrichment of autism candidate genes from AutDB and AutismKB

From: Genome-wide identification of transcriptional targets of RORA reveals direct regulation of multiple genes associated with autism spectrum disorder

Autism gene database Total number of genes in database Total promoter regions on array Total IP RORA-binding promoter regions RORA-binding autism genes (overlap) P value
AutDB (SFARI gene) 328 25,500 2,544 49 0.0028
AutismKB (syndromic + non-syndromic) 3,050 25,500 2,544 426 <0.001
AutDB + AutismKB 3,158 25,500 2,544 438 <0.001
  1. For the hypergeometric distribution analyses, the total number of general markers (that is, the population) is the number of genes (25,500) whose promoter regions are represented on the array, and the total number of selected markers is the number of unique genes (2,544) identified as targets of RORA by the ChIP-on-chip analysis. The total interesting markers are the number of autism candidate genes in the respective or combined databases, and the number of selected interesting markers are the genes within our dataset that overlap with those in either or the combined databases.