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Table 1 Most significant immune loci from the association analyses

From: Immune function genes CD99L2, JARID2 and TPO show association with autism spectrum disorder

SNP Chr Pos (Mb) Region TDT PDT
MA T:U OR (95% CI) P-value P-FDR P-value
rs7880807I X 15.006 CD99L2 A 190:299 0.64 (0.53-0.76) 8.26E-07 - ND
rs13193457* 6 15.346 JARID2 A 139:229 0.61 (0.49-0.75) 2.71E-06 - 6.04E-05
rs11796490 X 150.058 CD99L2 G 239:351 0.68 (0.58-0.80) 4.01E-06 1.53E-02 NA
rs1514687 2 1.438 TPO A 349:239 1.46 (1.24-1.72) 5.72E-06 1.87E-02 4.49E-06
rs10890518I 2 1.435 TPO G 356:249 1.43 (1.22-1.62) 1.36E-05 - ND
  1. Chr, Chromosome; Pos., position; MA, minor allele; T:U, transmitted to untransmitted minor allele counts; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; P-FDR. False Discovery Rate-adjusted P-value; ND, test not done with imputed data; NA, not applicable, as the PDT does not handle chromosome X data. *This SNP had a 5% Mendelian error rate. IThis SNP was imputed.