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Table 1 Antibodies used for histopathological characterization of BTBR mice

From: Histopathologic characterization of the BTBR mouse model of autistic-like behavior reveals selective changes in neurodevelopmental proteins and adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Antigen Vendor Catalog # Host Dilution Retrieval IHC Method
BrdU Accurate Chemical
(Westbury, NY)
OBT0030 Rat IgG 1:300 None Free-floating
  Roche Applied Science
(Indianapolis, IN)
11170376001 Mouse IgG1 1:500 None Free-floating
CNPase Sigma-Aldrich
(St Louis, MO)
C9743 Rabbit IgG 1:400 Borg Paraffin
Drebrin Sigma-Aldrich
(St Louis, MO)
D3816 Rabbit IgG 1:1300 None Paraffin
Doublecortin Santa Cruz Biotechnology
(Santa Cruz, CA)
sc-8066 Goat IgG 1:2000 None Free-floating
GAD65 Millipore
(Temecula, CA)
AB5082 Rabbit IgG 1:500 None Paraffin
GAD67 Millipore
(Temecula, CA)
MAB5406 Mouse IgG2a 1:1000
Borg Paraffin Free-floating
(Carpinteria, CA)
Z0334 Rabbit IgG 1:5000 Borg Paraffin
(St Louis, MO)
G9269 Rabbit IgG 1:300 None Free-floating
GluR1 Millipore
(Temecula, CA)
04-855 Rabbit IgG 1:50 Borg Paraffin
Iba1 Wako Chemicals USA
(Richmond, VA)
19-19741 Rabbit IgG 1:1000 Borg Paraffin
MAP2 Sigma-Aldrich
(St Louis, MO)
M4403 Mouse IgG1 1:1000 Borg Paraffin
MBP Abcam
(Cambridge, MA)
ab2404 Rabbit IgG 1:50 Borg Paraffin
NeuroD Santa Cruz Biotechnology
(Santa Cruz, CA)
sc-1086 Goat IgG 1:250 None Free-floating
NeuN Millipore
(Temecula, CA)
MAB377 Mouse IgG1 1:1000 None Free-floating
NG2 Millipore
(Temecula, CA)
AB5320 Rabbit IgG 1:1200 None Free-floating
Parvalbumin EMD/Calbiochem (Gibbstown, NJ) PC255L Rabbit IgG 1:700 Borg Paraffin
(Paris, France)
AbC0019 Mouse IgM 1:5000 None Free-floating
  Gift from Dr. T Seki None Mouse IgM 1:500 None Free-floating
PSD-95 Cell Signaling Technology (Beverly, MA) 3409 Rabbit IgG 1:100 Borg Paraffin
Synapsin 2 Sigma-Aldrich
(St Louis, MO)
S2947 Rabbit IgG 1:1600
None Paraffin Free-floating
Synaptophysin Abcam
(Cambridge, MA)
52636 Rabbit IgG 1:250 Borg Paraffin
VGluT1 Synaptic Systems
(Goettingen, Germany)
135303 Rabbit IgG 1:900
None Paraffin Free-floating
  1. IHC = immunohistochemistry; BrdU = 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine; CNPase = 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase; GAD65 = glutamic acid decarboxylase 65 kDa isform; GAD67 = glutamic acid decarboxylase 67 kDa isoform; GFAP = glial fibrillary acidic protein; GluR1 = glutamate receptor 1; Iba1 = ionized calcium-binding adaptor molecule 1; MAP2 = microtubule-associated protein 2; MBP = myelin basic protein;; NeuN = neuronal nuclei; PSA-NCAM = poly-sialic acid neural cell adhesion molecule; PSD-95 = postsynaptic density protein of 95 kDa; VGluT1 = vesicular glutamate transporter 1