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Table 1 Common functions of autism candidate genes identified by genome-wide association studies-noise reduction (GWAS-NR)

From: A noise-reduction GWAS analysis implicates altered regulation of neurite outgrowth and guidance in autism

Gene ontology (GO) term No. of genes GO term identification P-value1 Examples
Cell adhesion 76 0007155 6.29E-13 CDH8, NCAM2
Biological adhesion 76 0022610 6.64E-13 CDH2, CTNNB1
Cell-cell adhesion 35 0016337 6.24E-08 CTNNA2, AMIGO2
Homophilic cell adhesion 21 0007156 1.21E-06 PTPRM, FAT1
Cell motion 44 0006928 6.65E-06 SEMA5A, FYN
Neuron differentiation 41 0030182 1.14E-05 EN2, NRXN1
Enzyme linked receptor protein signalling pathway 33 0007167 5.40E-05 NCK2, FGFR2
Neuron development 32 0048666 1.07E-04 ROBO2, RTN4R
Negative regulation of gene expression 42 0010629 1.27E-04 SIX3, CUX2
Axonogenesis 22 0007409 1.31E-04 SEMA6A, SLITRK5
Cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation 25 0000904 2.16E-04 PRKCA, PTK2
Cell motility 29 0048870 2.40E-04 DNER, PPAP2B
Localization of cell 29 0051674 2.40E-04 PTEN, NRP2
Negative regulation of transcription 38 0016481 3.19E-04 RBPJ, MEIS2
Cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation 22 0048667 3.94E-04 PARD3, KALRN
Transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signalling 23 0007169 3.98E-04 SOCS2, DOK5
Neuron projection development 25 0031175 4.40E-04 RTN4R, NGF
Neuron projection morphogenesis 22 0048812 5.07E-04 PVRL1, CDH4
Regulation of cell projection organization 13 0031344 5.33E-04 SEMA4D, CDC42EP4
Negative regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide, and nucleic acid metabolic process 40 0045934 6.79E-04 BCL6, ZHX2